Bloodgood Japanese Maple Pros And Cons

Pro: Medium Size Bloodgood Japanese maples can eventually reach 15 20 maybe even 25 feet in height and probably 15 feet in width. Like most Japanese maples Bloodgood is definitely very cold hardy. You can grow all the way, it was on five and then down to zone 8.

Philodendron Imperial Red vs Rojo Congo

Philodendron Imperial Red Today we will be looking at the Imperial Red Philodendron. It has massive leaves and that when they come in they’re a little bit red a little bit pinky in color. Then turn into this wonderful vibrant green and as they age, the leaves tend to get just a little bit redder hence.

Anthurium Crystallinum vs Clarinervium

Today I’m going to talk about the Anthurium Crystallinum and Anthurium Clarinervium. This is actually one of the easier and faster-growing anthuriums in my collection. I’m gonna quickly go through with you some of the key differences. Because I know some of you guys are probably very curious.

Water Lily vs Lotus

Water lily Water lily and a Lotus are often confused. Both have benefits to a water garden but the plants themselves are completely different. Water lily has a few characteristics that are unique it is shallow to mid-level plant and it grows in water from about 4 inches deep down to more than 3 feet… Continue reading Water Lily vs Lotus

Saucer Magnolia vs Jane Magnolia

Saucer Magnolia (Magnolia x soulangeana) This plant is one of the most iconic plants that can be because of its beautiful spring bloom and there’s a lot that goes in that. But much like other magnolias, fuzzy buds starting to form in august which will then result in beautiful flowers in the spring. This is a deciduous magnolia a very popular… Continue reading Saucer Magnolia vs Jane Magnolia

Peonies For Shade

If you love flowers then you’re going to love Peonies. Peonies come in a whole range of colors and there are three types the Tree Peonies which we’re looking at in this article. Herbaceous peonies we also have Itoh peonies or intersectional hybrids, and why they call tree peonies because they form a woody stem and they’re… Continue reading Peonies For Shade

Magnolias For Small Gardens

Magnolia Caerhays Surprise This is one of the finest magnolias that have been bred in the last 50 years it’s Magnolia Caerhays surprise and it’s extremely suitable for small gardens because it doesn’t grow into a great big tree. It flowers late in the year usually in early April. The flowers come out a very dark purple… Continue reading Magnolias For Small Gardens

Hidcote Lavender vs Munstead Lavender

Hidcote Lavender If there’s one garden plant that immediately upon seeing it conjures up romantic nostalgia besides things like peonies and lilacs and also roses then, of course, it has to be lavender and this is a selected form of the so-called English lavender.